Jacqueline Poyle

I was a clumsy little girl with a desire to make people laugh and smile! My mom put me in dance classes to help be develop grace and poise. I fell in love with the artistry and creativity that jazz, ballet, modern and tap dancing added to my entire young life. My career started after graduating college from Penn State in 1991 when I walked into the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Gaithersburg, MD. I was new to the area and was hoping to find something fun to do that
would continue to fuel my personal love of dancing.

Over the years, I received various International Teaching and competitive dancing accolades, including placing at the US West Coast Swing Open Championships, retiring as the Arthur Murray undefeated Country and Western Champion, and competing in the Arthur Murray Professional American Smooth category. Needless to say, here we are 29 years later and I am
still dancing!
I have been blessed with a career path that has afforded me the opportunity to teach, manage and train in markets all over the globe. I was a previous franchisee and held a franchise relations position with the corporate office for several years.
I have spent the last decade honing my personal life coaching skills and receiving a masters degree in family counseling. I am a teacher at heart and seek to help elevate others to their highest potential, on and off of the dance floor. I am always seeking to find ways to bring more value to the Arthur Murray experience!

I truly believe that everyone should dance and become a part of the Arthur Murray Raleigh family! Dancing heals the heart, calms the mind, nourishes the body, fosters vital relationships in a chaotic world, provides acceptance, honors accomplishments, rekindles love, and connects us all on a wonderful journey of artistic creation and self-expression.
I am grateful to bring my passion and expertise to the Raleigh Team. See you on the dance