Jessica McKinney

I began my dance career in January 2000 when I started classical ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, and
modern dance training in Houston, Texas. For five years, I learned technique as a student, teaching as an
assistant and substitute teacher, professionalism as a member of two dance companies, and the
importance of giving back to the community as an assistant to two weekly outreach ministries.

Upon moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado for college, I continued my dance education and
performance experience through a wide variety of classes and membership in my college dance
company, while earning my Associate of Arts in Dance and Bachelor of Arts in Communication. It was
during these five years that I strengthened my choreography skills, and added smooth and rhythm
ballroom dancing to my repertoire. In 2006, I was chosen by my ballroom instructor to be his partner for
the annual college exhibition.

I moved to the Raleigh area in 2010 to pursue graduate school. I completed my Master of Divinity
degree in 2014 and spent six years utilizing my dance training in service to local churches and children’s
ministries. In February 2018 I joined the Arthur Murray family. Today, I enjoy imparting the joys of dance
to all of my students!