Ryan Caine

As a young man growing up with a passion for music and gift for dance in my hometown of Littleton NC, I was excited when my pastor decided to allow the first Praise Dance Ministry in our local area. My parents were concerned about bullying and peer pressure but once I assured them that I could handle it, they agreed to let me participate in this ministry. Much to our surprise, support was received from the community to the point that other young men joined their church ministry as well.

Throughout my church dance experience I started a male step team. I currently dance with “Step to Glory” (my church dance ministry), “SIX38 (a community dance ministry) and “God’s Dynasty” (a combined dance ministry) all of which I am the Ministry Leader. Over the years, I have assisted numerous community praise dance ministries by request.

I have taught dance to elementary students and step to middle school students, during their after school program, PROJECT HOPE and currently teach adult line dance classes throughout Halifax, Northampton and Warren Counties.

In 2018, I was recognized with the “Roanoke Valley Community Young Champions Award” for my community work through dance.
I give all glory and honor to God for every opportunity that I have to share my gift. I especially look forward to enhancing my personal growth, while teaching others as a dance instructor with Arthur Murray Dance Studio.